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Transgenderism and Lesbian Erasure

3rd May 2018, Author: Lesbian Alliance

Lesbian Rights Alliance Tuesday, 22 May 2018 from 19:00 to 21:00 What are the implications and consequences of transgenderism for lesbians? The acronym ‘LGBT’ suggests a common interest between lesbians and those identifying as transgender, but is this really the case? Recent developments such as the dramatic rise in young women presenting at Gender Identity Clinics, the erasure of women-only spaces and the pressure on lesbians to accept male-bodied individuals as sexual partners, tell a different story. Why are so many young lesbians identifying as ‘queer’ or ‘trans’? What is the impact of practices such as breast-binding, hormone regimes and surgical interventions on the healthy bodies of young lesbians? What roles do schools, the media / social media and the medical profession play in this? Is the language of lesbian liberation being supplanted by the language of gender identity? Can transgenderism in fact be understood as a form of conversion therapy for lesbians? Speakers Anne Ruzylo Linda Bellos Julia Long Lynne Harne Dovile Lapinskaite Chair Elaine Hutton Buy Tickets

Gender Identity, Political Representation, Transgender

Lily Madigan: I want to be Labour’s first transgender MP

1st December 2017, Author: Lesbian Alliance

Lily Madigan is the Labour Party’s first transgender women’s officer but her appointment has ruffled some feathers. The 19-year-old was elected to the position in Rochester and Strood earlier this month. “I come from an under-represented section of womanhood,” Lily tells Newsbeat. “I thought I was the best person for the role. I’m pretty happy other people agreed.” Lily’s appointment, and her application to be part of the Jo Cox Women In Leadership programme, has angered some parts of the press and (reportedly) members of the Labour Party too.   Read Full Article in BBC News

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Trans teenager Lily Madigan applies for Jo Cox women’s leadership scheme

28th November 2017, Author: Lesbian Alliance

  The transgender teenager at the centre of a Labour Party row has applied for the Jo Cox Women in Leadership programme, angering and dismaying party members. Female Labour supporters said the decision to open the mentoring scheme to all “self-defining women”, such as Lily Madigan, 19, who was born male but now identifies as female, was a “monstrous insult” to women in the party. Ms Madigan became the party’s first transgender women’s officer last week, in Rochester and Strood, Kent. She had demanded that Anne Ruzylo resign as women’s officer in Bexhill and Battle, East Sussex, accusing her of transphobia. Ms Ruzylo quit, saying that she had been harassed by transgender campaigners. Read More in The Times

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Transgender Law meeting

26th November 2017, Author: Lesbian Alliance

Transgender Law Concerns Meeting House of Commons 31st October 2017 Chair: David Davies T C MP Keynote Speakers Judith Green Miranda Yardley Stephanie Davies-Arai, Transgender Trend James Caspian, UKCP  [mks_button size=”medium” title=”Pdf” style=”rounded” url=”” target=”_self” bg_color=”#e04a33″ txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”” icon_type=”” nofollow=”0″] Judith Green Equality Act 2010 Exemptions Should Be Retained, Strengthened And Extended. In thanking David Davies, I have a small confession to make. I’m a card-carrying member of the Labour Party and David’s party won’t be winning my vote, but he has won my gratitude for giving me this platform. The current law sets out that being discriminating is not discriminatory where it is a proportional means of achieving a legitimate aim. This is a good law. It permits distinctions to be made that are vital for women. For example, women-only shortlists as a way of increasing representation in parliament are perfectly legal under the Equality Act. The same law permits a distinction to be made between those of us who are women by virtue of our sex and those who have a legally recognised gender under the provisions of the Gender Recognition Act. [1] I’m here to talk about why this principle is absolutely vital to women, but also about some of the problems in the application of the law and how it could be strengthened. One of the reasons I feel so strongly is my own experience of using women-only services. Due my experiences of male violence, I was a justifiably angry and traumatised teenager. I left home and moved halfway across the country at sixteen. An organisation for […]

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If trans activists truly cared about feminism, they would respect women’s spaces

24th November 2017, Author: Lesbian Alliance

Shon Faye claims to be in solidarity with women, but if that’s true, why doesn’t he respect our autonomy? by Meghan Murphy In The Guardian this week, lawyer and writer Shon Faye claims “trans people in Britain have recently been subjected to a media onslaught” — an almost laughable irony, if it weren’t so dishonest. The truth is that, while indeed many women and journalists in the UK have been covering and speaking out about questions surrounding the transitioning of children, proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act, potential conflicts between gender identity legislation and women’s rights, and the attacks on those who question gender identity ideology, these articles and that activism do not by any stretch constitute an attack on trans-identified people. Read the Full Article in Feminist Current

Gender Identity, Political Representation, Womens Rights

Trans teenager Lily Madigan voted in as a Labour women’s officer

20th November 2017, Author: Lesbian Alliance

A transgender teenager who demanded the removal of a female Labour member from her post as women’s officer over her allegedly “transphobic” views has been elected to the post in her local Labour party. Lily Madigan, 19, who was born male but identifies as a woman, claims she is the first transgender woman to be women’s officer, after winning the vote in Rochester and Strood, in Kent. Her appointment highlights the battle being fought between transgender activists, who believe gender should be a matter of self-declaration, and critics who claim that the very category of “woman” is being erased to appease the demands of a minority group. Read Full Article in The Times

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Sheila Jeffreys on Resistance Radio

23rd September 2014, Author: Lesbian Alliance

Sheila Jeffreys talked this week to Derrick Jensen, host of Resistance Radio about queer theory and radical feminism.