Gender Identity

Defending Lesbian Rights

27th November 2017, Author: Lesbian Alliance

A statement from the Lesbian Rights Alliance This briefing represents the position of a number of lesbian groups and lesbian individuals concerned about the impact of current political and legislative developments on lesbian rights, freedoms and visibility. This includes in particular the government proposals to reform the Gender Recognition Act (2004) 1. Introduction 1.1 What is a Lesbian? A lesbian is a woman who is sexually attracted to and has sexual relationships with other women. Recent years have seen an increasing pressure on lesbians to use more ‘inclusive’, generic terms such as ‘queer’ or ‘gay.’ However, these terms are not specific to women and therefore render invisible the specific experience of lesbians and the specific discrimination faced by lesbians, who of course share experiences of sex discrimination with heterosexual women as well as discrimination based on sexuality. 1.2 Lesbian Rights, ‘Sex’ and ‘Gender Identity’ The normalisation of the concept of ‘gender identity’ has particularly serious implications for lesbians. It has meant that the rights of any male who claims he ‘feels like a woman’ are given precedence over those who are actually biologically female. For example, the use of the term ‘self-defined woman’ means that lesbians are under pressure to accept male-bodied individuals within their communities and indeed as sexual partners. Given that 80% of men who transition retain their male genitals1, the once absurd notion of a ‘lesbian with a penis’ is being promoted and normalised within LGBT communities, with the attendant pressure on lesbians to accept this notion […]

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If trans activists truly cared about feminism, they would respect women’s spaces

24th November 2017, Author: Lesbian Alliance

Shon Faye claims to be in solidarity with women, but if that’s true, why doesn’t he respect our autonomy? by Meghan Murphy In The Guardian this week, lawyer and writer Shon Faye claims “trans people in Britain have recently been subjected to a media onslaught” — an almost laughable irony, if it weren’t so dishonest. The truth is that, while indeed many women and journalists in the UK have been covering and speaking out about questions surrounding the transitioning of children, proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act, potential conflicts between gender identity legislation and women’s rights, and the attacks on those who question gender identity ideology, these articles and that activism do not by any stretch constitute an attack on trans-identified people. Read the Full Article in Feminist Current

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Eugenics and the practice of transgendering children

8th November 2011, Author: Lesbian Alliance

The practice of eugenics is returning to contemporary Australia in the treatment of transgendered children. With the cooperation of the Family Court, children as young as ten are being put on puberty delaying drugs after being diagnosed with “gender identity disorder” or “gender dysphoria”. There is the expectation that they will be moved onto cross-sex hormones at 16 and receive surgery to amputate their genitals at 18. Taking from the past There are similarities between the eugenic sexual surgeries and drug treatments of the past and the transgendering of children now. The ideas for both treatments come from scientists of sex such as biologists, endocrinologists and psychiatrists. Both practices are based on the idea that certain problematic behaviours have a biological basis and can be “cured” by treatments which alter sexual characteristics. Read Full Article in The Conversation by Sheila Jeffreys