My Summer of Love

My Summer of Love


My Summer of Love 

Helen Cross

My Summer Of Love is a novel by Helen Cross, first published in Great Britain in 2001, winning a Betty Trask Award in the subsequent year.

Set in the fictional Yorkshire market town of Whitehorse, and the surrounding area, it tells the story of the intense relationship that develops between Tamsin and Mona, two 15-year-old girls of different social classes.

Mona narrates as a recollection for the entire novel, though it is not clear how much time has passed since the events she is describing. In the first chapter, she brings us back to the present with cryptic references to the end of the tale, but after this the narrative is uninterrupted and stays in the past tense.

In 2004, a film based on the novel was released, but it was a fairly free adaptation, and differs from the novel in a number of ways.

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