It Is Impossible To Name And Act Against Oppression If There Are No Nameable Oppressors

Mary Daly

Open letter to Gillian Keegan, Secretary of State for Education

Advice to schools on addressing gender identity issues

Open letter to Gillian Keegan, Secretary of State for Education

Advice to schools on addressing gender identity issues

Dear Gillian Keegan,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Lesbian Rights Alliance, and as a parent who has relatives attending school.


We are very concerned that you are considering allowing children to ‘socially transition’ and use different pronouns from their biological sex, provided they have parental permission.

This approach contradicts the advice from the Cass Review, which states that schools should not support social transitioning, as if left alone these children often change their minds about identifying as ‘transgender.’   

Schools which promote gender identity doctrine as fact may also become involved in ‘lesbian and gay conversion therapy,’ by telling children they have been born in the wrong body and referring them to the GIDs clinics for medical intervention.

Banning conversion therapy

Letter to Kemi Badenoch Minister for Women and Equalities

The Inclusion of ‘trans people’ in the Conversion Therapy Bill

Dear Kemi

The Inclusion of ‘trans people’ in the Conversion Therapy Bill

I am writing to you on behalf of the Lesbian Rights Alliance, because of your role as the Minister for Women and Equalities.

Our organisation aims to defend the legal rights of lesbians; to end lesbian discrimination and the erasure of lesbians through trans ‘gay’ conversion therapy. We are particularly concerned that gay conversion therapy is mainly targeted at teenage lesbians and is being mainstreamed in learning programmes on Sex and Relationship education in schools and in the media. Schools are also supporting ‘social transition’ of girls and young women who are attracted to their own sex, as well as recommending that they seek very harmful and irreversible medical intervention.


canvass Questions for the election of local officials


What is a woman?

a woman is an adult human female

What is a Lesbian?

a lesbian is an adult human female homosexual


What is more important sex or gender?


Will you work to protect single-sex services in our local community?

Do you understand that the Equality Act 2010 allows for single-sex services and sports? 


Will you ensure that our local authority uses the clear concept of sex in its policies?

+Positively Lesbian

A new website for young lesbians

Specific information, advice and support for lesbians in their mid teens (16+) and early twenties

Ways to network and build friendship between young lesbians around the UK

Increased young lesbian visibility

Advice to parents/carers supporting lesbian daughters

ministerial correspondence

Gavin Williamson MP

Liz Truss mp

penny morduant mp



End the teaching of transgender propaganda in schools now

In the cartoon video ‘Jamie – a Transgender Cinderella Story,’ the girl has to become a boy, in order to fall in love with the princess.

This is Child Abuse

Jamie – a Transgender Cinderella Story

Jamie – a Transgender Cinderella Story

Stop the gay conversion of young lesbians into ‘transgender men’ in school education

Outside the DfE 18th June 2020

The Department for Education is allowing children from aged 4 upwards to be brainwashed by transgender propaganda. Girls are told that if they do not like ‘girly’ things, if they wear trousers and have short hair, they are really boys, born in the wrong body.

Stonewall, the DfE recommended resource, does not recognise biological sex or same sex attraction.
It is flooding primary schools with cartoon videos aimed at children aged 7 upwards where girls are changed into boys and boys into girls.

Lesbian Invisibility is promoted by the census

There is no specific question asking women if they are lesbian. Instead,  the sexual orientation question only asks are you lesbian or gay.

But even this has been compromised by the question on sex.

In our view the sex question should have been the sex observed at birth of every member of the population – sex cannot be changed it is a biological fact.

Stonewall Teachers Conference July 2019

Dr Julia Long on the life changing procedures young women are subjected to when they decide to ‘transition’ sexist gender roles and female stereotypes.

Transgenderism And Lesbian Erasure

Talks from the LRA event held on The 22nd May 2018

Dr Julia Long

Dr Lynne Harne

Linda Bellos OBE

Declaration on Women’s Sex Based Rights

The Declaration on Women’s Sex Based Rights is a statement on the importance of keeping the current sex based definition of woman.

The Declaration outlines current international laws and policies on women’s rights and how they are being threatened by organisations that are trying to change the definition of woman. It reaffirms existing women’s rights and suggests ways that states should promote and protect them.

It was drafted with input from women internationally. Launching in March 2019, the Declaration is a clear call to law and policy makers to retain the sex-based biological definition of woman.