Gender Identity, Political Representation, Womens Rights

Trans teenager Lily Madigan voted in as a Labour women’s officer

20th November 2017, Author: Lesbian Alliance

A transgender teenager who demanded the removal of a female Labour member from her post as women’s officer over her allegedly “transphobic” views has been elected to the post in her local Labour party. Lily Madigan, 19, who was born male but identifies as a woman, claims she is the first transgender woman to be women’s officer, after winning the vote in Rochester and Strood, in Kent. Her appointment highlights the battle being fought between transgender activists, who believe gender should be a matter of self-declaration, and critics who claim that the very category of “woman” is being erased to appease the demands of a minority group. Read Full Article in The Times

Gender Identity, Rape, Sexuality

Lesbianism is under attack, though not by the usual suspects

11th July 2017, Author: Lesbian Alliance

Pressuring lesbians into dating people with penises is all too similar to the practice of corrective rape, wherein it is believed lesbian sexuality can be “cured.” by J.J. Barnes From the denial of lesbianism as a legitimate sexuality, to the notion that lesbians are simply women who “can’t get a boyfriend,” to the practice of corrective rape, lesbians have been erased and abused throughout history. The repression of lesbianism continues today, as 44 countries have criminalized lesbianism, and sham marriages within which rape and the threat of death as an alternative are on the rise. Read Full Article in Feminist Current

Gender Identity, Medicine, Transgender

Eugenics and the practice of transgendering children

8th November 2011, Author: Lesbian Alliance

The practice of eugenics is returning to contemporary Australia in the treatment of transgendered children. With the cooperation of the Family Court, children as young as ten are being put on puberty delaying drugs after being diagnosed with “gender identity disorder” or “gender dysphoria”. There is the expectation that they will be moved onto cross-sex hormones at 16 and receive surgery to amputate their genitals at 18. Taking from the past There are similarities between the eugenic sexual surgeries and drug treatments of the past and the transgendering of children now. The ideas for both treatments come from scientists of sex such as biologists, endocrinologists and psychiatrists. Both practices are based on the idea that certain problematic behaviours have a biological basis and can be “cured” by treatments which alter sexual characteristics. Read Full Article in The Conversation by Sheila Jeffreys