Twitter ‘bans women against trans ideology’, say feminists

Twitter is banning women who “speak out against the dangerous dogma of trans ideology”, a feminist group has said.

In a letter to Twitter director Martha Lane Fox, Fair Play for Women says the company is allowing “a concerted attack on women’s free speech”.

But trans activist Ashleigh Talbot said the group’s letter seeks to “whip up” hatred against trans people.

Twitter said its rules are enforced equally for every user, regardless of the commentary they engage in.

Fair Play for Women describes itself as a group of “ordinary women” who argue that “in the rush to reform transgender laws” women’s voices will not be listened to.

It says Twitter users have been banned for stating “basic, incontrovertible biological facts” such as saying men are not women.

Their letter links to comments, that it says has led to people being banned from the site…

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