Letter To The BBC Director General

Tim Davie, BBC Director-General Dear Mr. Davie, I wonder if you are aware of a CBeebies video currently airing on the BBC under the title, CBeebiesplaylist – Videos to make

Census 2021

With a month to go until the census on March 21, campaigners have launched the ​Sex in the Censuscampaign to protest the last minute decision by the Office for National

Women’s Human Rights Campaign (WHRC)

Presentation by Dr Lynne Harne, Chair of the LRA, to the Women’s Human Rights Campaign (WHRC) meeting held on 18th October 2020.

Letter To Liz Truss MP

Dear Liz Truss I am writing to you as the Chair of the Lesbian Rights Alliance (LRA) following your recent statement to the Women and Equalities Committee. First of all,

Womens Rights Are Human Rights

Women’s Rights Are Human Rights Progressive folk should surely celebrate when a charity promotes the ‘human rights (as set out in the universal declaration of human rights and subsequent united

open Letter to penny mordaunt

To The Right Honourable Penny Mordaunt, Minister for Women and Equalities Cc Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne 23rd April, 2019 Open letter Dear Penny Mordaunt End ‘gay’ conversion therapy of young

The Cuckoo in the Nest

by Astroterf “It doesn’t make any difference what genitals someone has!” A very sneery teenager barked this statement at me during a discussion on gender identity and the recent London

Reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004

The Gender Recognition Act 2004 The GRA legislation provides a mechanism to allow trans people to obtain recognition for all legal purposes to their preferred gender role (man/woman). There are 4 elements that require compliance to

Why were lesbians protesting at Pride?

  Why were lesbians protesting at Pride? Because the LGBT coalition leaves women behind Misogyny doesn’t vanish at the flicker of a rainbow. The LGBT campaign group Stonewall had harsh