London Mayoral Elections 2021

London Mayoral Elections 2021

Questions for the election of the Police and Crime Commissioners, including the Mayors of London and Manchester

You can write to those standing for election and ask them to reply. You can also attend any hustings of those standing for election and put these questions to them directly

Will you ensure that the police record crime on the basis of birth sex, and not on gender identity? Currently the police are recording crimes by trans identified males (transwomen) as females and this is falsely distorting the crime statistics, particularly in relation to sexual and violent crimes. Half of the male transgender prison population have committed at least one sexual offence against women and girls and/or are dangerous violent offenders

Will you ensure that sexual and violent crimes against women and girls are policing priorities and that the police are properly trained in this area? We would also expect that male police officers who take selfies of themselves with naked bodies of murdered women and who seek out female victims for sex will be prosecuted and dismissed from the police force.

Will you ensure that the police are trained to enforce any invasion of legal and legitimate women only single sex spaces such as toilets and changing rooms, often by men who identify as ‘transwomen.’ The police need to recognise that criminal acts take place in these spaces, including indecent exposure, sexual assault, illegal photographing of women and girls in toilets and criminal damage. Here are some examples from these men invading women only toilets at lesbian only bar nights. Grabbing a woman’s breast as she comes out of the toilet. Letting off stink bombs in the women only toilets; smearing toilet paper with semen, overturning sanitary bins and spreading them over the floor

Will you ensure that hate crimes against lesbians are properly dealt with by the police? It has come to our notice that some police forces do not recognise hate crime against lesbians. Same sex sexual orientation is protected under hate crime legislation. (Public Order Act 1986, Criminal Justice Act, 2003. The police must acknowledge that men cannot be lesbians, regardless of their gender identity, and men calling themselves lesbians are themselves committing a hate crime.

Do you commit to addressing public and professional concerns about the teaching of gender identity in schools – particularly the harmful notion that controversial medical interventions should be considered for children and teenagers who do not conform to gender stereotypes?

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