Census 2021

Census 2021

On the 15th December 2019 , experts in social statistics and users of population level data, called on the UK’s census authorities to retain the integrity of the category of sex, and not to conflate this with gender identity.

A letter was sent to the directors of the three UK census authorities, as well as the Prime Minister and First Minister of Scotland. This was reported by The Times here and here.

The experts expressed concern about the proposed online guidance to accompany the sex question in the 2021 census, which advises respondents that they may respond in terms of their self-identified gender. The guidance acts to conflate two distinct characteristics—sex and gender reassignment, both protected categories under the Equality Act 2010—and will effectively transform the longstanding sex question into a question about gender identity. We are concerned that this will actively undermine data reliability on a key demographic variable, and damage our ability to both capture and remedy sex-based discrimination.

The Political Erasure of Sex aims to document the process of policy capture in our public institutions, and how it is impacting the recognition and recording of biological sex in public policy, law, language, and data-collection. They produced a report in October 2020 The report arises from research funded by Research England’s Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF) QR allocation to the University of Oxford.

They have produced reports and audio visual media on their findings here

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Sex in the census (18 October 2020)