Lesbians Accused Of Hate Crimes For Objecting To Transgenderism At London Pride Festival

If lesbians marching in an LGBT Pride parade can be viewed as a dangerous threat requiring denunciation from authorities, what chance is there to have an honest conversation?

London Mayor Sadiq Khan condemned an “anti-transgender group” for “hijacking” the July 7 London Pride parade. The mayor’s spokesperson told Pink News UK, “Pride is about celebrating difference and London’s amazing LGBT+ community. It’s about showing those round the world that in our great city you can be free to be whoever you want to be and love whoever you want to love. The vast majority of those present at today’s march respected and embraced that and the Mayor condemns the tiny minority who did not. Transphobia is never acceptable.”

The “anti-transgender” group was actually a group of lesbian women. The group, organized under the hashtag #GetTheLOut, joined the parade with banners saying “Lesbian, not Queer,” “Lesbian = Female Homosexual,” and “Transactivism Erases Lesbians.”

The group was not included in those allowed to march in the parade, but after being told to leave, they laid down on the street in front of the parade, preventing it from moving forward. The organizers decided to allow them to march ahead of the parade, which created additional controversy for appearing to “lead” it.

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